Thursday, December 01, 2005

Australian Indigenous Community Provider of the Year Award!

Adult Learning Australia is pleased to announce that the winner of its Australian Indigenous Community Provider of the Year Award for 2005 is the Central Australian Remote Health Development Services!

Tanya Wooley will represent CARHDS to accept the trophy at the ALA Conference Dinner in Canberra on 27th November 2005.

Special thanks must be extended to the team at CARHDS for providing training to Aboriginal people and health professionals to improve community health outcomes and to increase effective Aboriginal control over PHC service delivery.

Well done and Congratulations!

Here is my acceptance speech delivered at the Canberra National Museum:

CARHDS is an Aboriginal community controlled education provider - based in Alice Springs - covering Central Australia.

This regional delivery model covers an area similar in size to Great Britain and Ireland combined!

We have a team of creative and innovative educators with specialist skills in the areas of:

• Remote Area Nursing
• Accident & Emergency
• Chronic Disease
• Wound Management
• Immunization
• Management & Governance
• Quality Improvement
• Workplace Language & Literacy
• Orientation of new Health Services staff

In 2003 - the CARHDS Board identified the need for more flexible learning opportunities.

This formed the basis for 18 months of strategic development that has enabled CARHDS to integrate interactive multimedia into our delivery methodology.

This model has provided capacity building and self determination that directly relates to local issues in the workplace and the local community.

We understand the importance of the Adult Learning Principles and they are incorporated into our program delivery.

We know:

Adults learn best by doing.

We provide opportunities for participants to practice what they are learning.

Participants are actively involved in their training program and understand the “big picture”.

We reinforce key messages and the point of the training session.

We endeavor to use a range of the 5 senses – sight, sound, taste, smell and touch in our programs

Our major focus for 2005 has been to ensure learning takes place in a self-paced environment - where participants learn more efficiently when they see, hear and interact with the program.

We would like to thank Adult Learning Australia and the Central Australian Aboriginal community for its support and engagement.

Our team is certainly thrilled to be presented this award that recognizes our achievements.


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