Thursday, October 14, 2004

Networking 2004 - An Orientation to Central Australia

NET*Working 2004 is a unique national online conference specifically designed to highlight how technology can be used to deliver education and training more flexibly.

Designed with busy training professionals in mind, at NET*Working 2004 you can step inside a virtual classroom, listen to presentations by national and international e-learning experts and participate in hands-on sessions using the latest learning technology, all without leaving your desk!

NET*Working 2004
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It will be loaded onto the NET*Working interface!

In order to understand the situation here in Alice Springs it is necessary to know a little of the history of the Aboriginal people of Central Australia.
The traditional culture and economy of the desert Aboriginal people are probably as different as it is possible to be from the contemporary Australian culture and economy.

This is a "screen dump" of my game interface ONLY. If you would be interested in playing - please let me know. Thanks Tanya

An Orientation to Central Australia
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This activity is designed to provide an introduction to Alice Springs and some of the Indigenous aspects of Central Australia.
The player steps through a series of topics that will expand their general knowledge without imposing any pressure of “testing”.
The game can be packaged on a CD, emailed or accessed in an online learning environment providing flexibility in delivery modes.
It can also be customised to cover a broad range of subjects other than simply orientation material.

I would appreciate any feedback - either via the NET*Working interface, this blog or you can email me directly on


At 6:39 PM, Blogger Debbie said...

Hi Tanya

It's Debbie Soccio, 2004 FLL. I have been really slack in getting thro the forums. Can i have a go at your game...would be really keen to test it out and then chat about why you chose to go the way you did, what you considered when developing it etc.

Love your blog....


At 2:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Tanya What a great site. I would be keen to try out your Alice game too.

I love your blog, the clarity of layout and user friendly design. I am keen to do something like this myself. It is so full of rich ideas. Thanks heaps for sharing in this way.

Best wishes


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