Sunday, October 17, 2004

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Hi Tanya - what a great site - and such a diversity of things - I really enjoyed it -I was especially interested in your Town like Alice but couldn't get it to work - can you tell me how to do this - my only overall comment is that it would be great to tell people who each part of the site is directed to in particular - so that gives the context - and of course others wil also benefit - if you have any particular questions you want feedback on I owuld be happy to hear
Cheers from USA in the Fall
Barbara Pamphilon

Dear Tanya - aaah! now i understand - will definitlely contact you on my return - I was also thinking about your site and remembered another site I saw where the first page was the persons office and oyu clicked on things in her office to go firther into the site - it was great - eg photos of her kids, a book on her desk etc - is that a costly thing or not relevant? anyway - just sharing ideas
Best wishes with the project - so diverse and many faceted
Cheers Barbara

Hey Tanya,
That is a fantastic game you made.....
Even Hailey (who is 12 years old) likes it.... Well done....Love Shazz

Hi Tanya,
I was interested in the "net working" and your Alice game, but could get neither to work. You are breaching copyright with your diversity pictures. Many will know they came from Webshots!
Do you have the hand held? would be interested in looking at it work. Regards Jim

Thanks for your comments Jim. I have contacted the owner of the jpeg involved and rectified the posting to reflect - Used with permission from CNET Networks, Inc. Copyright 2004. All rights reserved." Thanks for your input - Tanya

Hi Tanya
Just wanted to say how much I learned form reading your Blog and to acknowledge the wisdome of your advice re pictures -it certainly helps scan the page and draws the readers attention. I also particularly liked your post about thoughtful use of PowerPoint (link above) from the Vivid Image workshop - a matter I was discussing just the other day.
Thanks for sharing - Janine Bowes

Hi Tanya,
Yes, I did check out your blog - it's great!! Good on you - I'm impressed.Haven't got back to you sooner because I've been off sick, just back today and there was the Deadly Jam Toolbox waiting for me!! I know you got one too.
WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE MAKING TOOLBOXES???!!! Do the Flexible Learning Leaders ever talk about this?
I cannot believe how boring it is. Who makes this crap? Are they living on some other planet? And still no audio for people who can't read. Not one visually interesting thing. I was very pissed off when I saw it. Haven't looked at all of it yet - too disgusted! Anonymous

Hi Tanya
Really liked your powerpoint game. Did you learn this from Marcus Ragus? ... or your own exploring?... is it hard to do? Cathy

Hi Cathy

I have an interest in electronic games.
Probably because I have 2 x sons aged 10 and 12!
No, I have never heard of Markus Ragus. Who is he?
I have dabbled in PowerPoint before and have been alerted to it's capability using Action Settings and Slide Transitions so thought I would have a "play".
Yes, I am happy with the outcome of my first attempt. Of course it could be expanded further but time is an important factor......
I will continue to develop more games of this type for our organisation next year. Thanks to the Flexible Learning Leaders scholarship which allowed me to explore this avenue of delivery. Regards - Tanya

Hi Tanya - the stufff is great and certainly usedful for the project MettYoung from CAT is working on - but when I look at blogs I cant help but think (and this goes for othe rdiscussion lists) of that quote from Alien - "in space no one can hear you scream" . Good luck - hope to convince the AFLF that the nexrt round og Toolboxes devoted to Indigneous learners can be developed for specific mobs rahter than the national approach so maybe an Arrente health resource??? Peter Robertson

Thanks for the comment/reply Peter
I would be happy for you to pass the link onto Metta – maybe we could meet and discuss a few ideas?
I think the intention of the Framework is for Toolboxes to be “customized” to suit specific clients.
I am still waiting for a workshop to learn how to do this.
Blogs – and no-one can hear you scream – depends how loud……….
I have taken the liberty of distributing my blog link to everyone…….Trying to get my voice across.
I do agree that it will take TIME for the change for people to get used to blogs and discussion forums and the like.
I certainly prefer blogs to text discussion boards. They are so boring…..
Keep me in loop for things happening down your way.
Cheers for now - Tanya

Hi Tanya, the gorgeous !!
Enjoyed reading / viewing the blog. The inclusion of the photos made me quite homesick for the Centre again. Lovely to see old (= former, not ancient !) friends again.
I like the way you can mix & match in the text with the graphics, cartoons etc. It's so much more interesting that just text alone.
I like the combination of formal reports with informal 'chat' comments. That gives a real feel for the person you are.
I like the way your ever present enthusiasm shines through !!
Congratulations !

What a wonderful thing! However do you manage to do anything else though? I had a good look through and was very impressed with the professional layout as well as the information provided and can only imagine what great things are in store for you. You go girl! Cheers Karen

Looked at your blog. Its all gobble de gook to me. I find all the jargon so alienating. You obviously have to be a computer head and in the know to make sense of all the references to different sites and programms. I don't use a computer like you, very obviously. But by the feedback it seems people are pretty impressed. Its an industry thing I guess so good on you. You always did have a smart noggin, depite your wild side. 'Chelle

Hi Tanya,
I would really like to try out your PowerPoint Game. It sounds like it may be just what we need here at Massey University (NZ)to supplement our new staff induction training. I got your contact details from the following in today's oldaily from Stephen Downes: His is the only daily email that I never trash. You're lucky to have spent time with the online guru - maybe one day I'll get lucky!
I'll come pestering you in January.
Best regards, Darelle

I found your blog thru S. Downes' newsletter and am intrigued. I would love to find out how to make games using power point.
Bernard Hobby
Al-Yamamah College
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Hello Tanya,
I found your blog via Oldaily and I am interested in the Orientation Game. Can you please email me a copy of it or supply a link where I could download it from. I would love to have a look at what you have done and would me more than pleased to give you some feedback.
Thank You - Trevor Clay

Congratulations on your creative and original blog as your report - a great model for other Flexible Learning Leaders - and a rich resource!


At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Tanya - you asked about Marcus Ragus. He is associated with TAFE Tasmania and has been facilitating courses on using 'digital objects' - mainly powerpoint in very creative ways. There is lots about it on the Community.
Go to - Digital Coaching Aids
(Type in one word ‘coaching’ in the Search tool.)

At 3:36 PM, Blogger Peter W Hayward said...

great site.
it is of great interest to me because I have am involved with several intercultural projects and I am also doing a masters in online teaching. your site is a good model for someone like myself interested in those topic.

Suggestion: check out

At 4:42 PM, Blogger Tanya Wooley said...

Hi Peter
I checked out the sietar site and was particularly impressed with the statement
"The main purpose of SIETAR is to encourage and support the development and application of values, knowledge and skills that promote and reinforce beneficial and long-lasting intercultural and inter-ethnic relations at the individual, group, organization and community levels".

Certainly, without individual/community consultation learning programs will fail. Developing rapport and developing trust with participants plays a major part in the educational programs we deliver to Aboriginal people.
Please pass on any resources/links you think I may be interested in. Regards - Tanya :)

At 1:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cathy - My name is Alice and Marcus Ragus is my uncle, I happened to find your comment on a google search for him, lost contact a while ago, just wanted to know if you know which TAFE he is working at? Last time I knew it was the North Hobart Hort. Dept. Any idea? If you know please email me, at sorry to everyone for taking up unrelated space on your message board!!!


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