Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hit By @ Bus!

You need to develop detailed session plans for each of your training sessions.
In developing these plans, you should bear in mind a few principles of effective training:

People learn by doing.
Your trainees need the opportunity to practice system tasks, not merely be "told" how the system will work.

Practice makes competence
Trainees need multiple opportunities to practice tasks and "play" with the system - firstly with supervision, and then by themselves.

Sequencing learning leads to better overall absorption
It's important that you don't put the cart before the horse in your training - you need to start with basics, and work through them in system use order, before moving on to more complex areas.

A well prepared + documented Session Plan will ensure another Educator can run your training session in the event of your absence
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Training can take any one of a multiple of forms - suitable methods might include:

"Watch then do"
Sessions where each trainee has their own computer with the programs installed (this is a very popular and usually effective form of training)

Tutorials, which can be conducted in small groups, one-on-one or even remotely via the computer network (these sessions can be much more responsive to individual trainees' needs and difficulties)

Demonstrations, which are generally used to "show off" the capacity of a program and draw out a desire to learn more or "practice".


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