Monday, August 16, 2004

ANTA Toolboxes - Multimedia Resources

I intend to put the Flesch Readability test to the Toolbox resources developed for Indigenous participants.

Any guesses for the level they might be pitched be at?

Post a comment if you want to have a go. :-)


I applied the Flesch Readability to Deadly Jam -section Song Writing and found it to be 69.8 Ease of Reading and 7.4 Grade Level Score. The section Negotiating Deals came up at 62.7 and 8.5.

Ease of Reading is based on a 100 point scale - the higher the score the easier it is to understand. Standard documents should be pitched at 60-70. This is not considering Indigenous "standard".

Grade Level Score (although based on US schooling) reflects the years of schooling required to read the document.

Adult Indigenous participants in Central Australia DO NOT have Grade 8 reading skills!

Were the readability, National Reporting System (NRS) levels consulted when developing this product??

Toolbox Interface Cultural Resource Management
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Toolbox Interface Deadly Jam
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At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This will be really useful Tanya - important to let eworks (the management team of Toolboxes) know about this little test you will do - looking forward to my Alice sojourn in Sept 13 peter robertson


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