Sunday, July 04, 2004

Training Blind - Adult Learning Principles

CARHDS ran an in-service Professional Development session to educators.

Those who attended will KNOW what: BTEOTTSTPWBAT - means!

We all need to rethink and reapply the RAMP 2 FAME and "Hit by a Bus" techniques.

* Primacy and Recency
Delivering information in small, manageable chunks

* Suitability and Relevance
It is important to let the learner know how the new information fits with their existing knowledge so that they understand why the new skill or concept is being discussed.

* Motivation and Support
Ensure the participant 1. Wants to learn 2. Is ready to learn and 3. Has a reason to learn

* Two Way Communication
Interaction between the educator and the participant.

* Feedback and Reinforcement
Provide information about the learning experience

* Active Learning
Allowing the participant to perform the task while observing

* Multi-sense Learning
Participant take in most information through sight, however a learning is more effective when the learner uses more than one of their five senses. Try feel, smell, audio.

'Many teachers plunge ahead from a starting point that many of their students have never reached and they then proceed to teach the unknown by means of the incomprehensible'.
Pressey, Robinson & Horrocks -
'Psychology in Education'


Knowing is not enough - You must do! Bruce Lee
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