Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Flexible Learning POSTCARD


The Flexible learning Leaders program is all about TIME!
Time to investigate ideas, swap notes, share information and read...

I have had the opportunity to meet with an array of interesting, innovative people who are delivering quality education which incorporates flexible methodology.

My recent visit to Tauondi College and the Australian Computers in Education Conference in Adelaide stands out as a highlight.
Tauondi College has been successful in its vision to provide a rich learning environment which encompasses “both worlds”. From both an Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspective a “common ground” is found where both the educator and learner feel comfortable to teach and study.

The Australian Computers in Education Conference theme was “Research,… Reform,.. Realise the Potential!” It focused on: research about education and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) use; the change processes that result from ICT applications and access and the opportunities that are provided to students, teachers and organisations by current and emerging technologies.

In particular, Key Note and Invited Speakers Dale Spender, Simon Hackett and Barb Jenkins provided sessions which both challenged and provided inspiration to enable use of learning technologies within a multi-literacy framework.


I am taking the time to look at various multimedia applications and resources.

Text and hypertext
Combined media
Media on the web (Web Delivery)
Media on CD ROMs
Online discussion forums

These applications could provide unlimited functions for developing culturally appropriate educational materials.

Motivation is the key to engaging our learners. When people are having fun, they won't realise how much they're learning.

When thinking about how people remember and digest information:

10% we read
20% we hear
30% we see
50% we see & hear
80% we say
90% we say and do

As educators we need to think about the effectiveness of our delivery and provide real learning outcomes if developing resources via these methods.


I have created a BLOG! What is a Blog? A weB LOG. Blogs have been around on the Web for years, but have only become popular in the past two years or so.

They take a multitude of forms, but most are personal or project-related websites that users update regularly, with tales of their doings, or commentary on things that interest them, often with hypertext links to relevant sites and the latest news.

My Blog is my little "niche" in cyberspace and is located at:

My intention is to use this forum as a model of a Community of Practice to communicate, produce information and feedback on the issues surrounding delivery to remote Indigenous communities.


Software that facilitates telephone conversation across the Internet.
6 million users have downloaded this peer to peer audio software.

Once downloaded we can make "free" (after paying for an internet connection) phone calls to each other when they're online, using headsets plugged into their computers. A huge communication potential to remote areas!


I intend to pass off my learning experience to my peers and colleagues to make the learning experience of our participant's valuable, stimulating and most importantly to enhance their life long leaning to improve their community outcomes!

30BC Lao-Tzu said:
"If you tell me I will listen.
If you show me I will see.
If you let me experience, I will learn."

Learning MUST be appropriate!
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