Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Has anyone had experience with Amps?

Amplify is a free toolbar that gives you the power to find, collect, save and share content (including pictures, text, video, animation, and audio) from multiple online sources in personalized pages called Amps.

At this time, only PC-users are able to create their own Amps BUT anyone and everyone with Internet access can view an Amp using either a PC or a Mac.

As a research tool: Amplify could enhance online research by enabling users to save and share information from multiple online sources. Everything you add to an Amp automatically includes a link back to its original online source so that you or anyone you share your Amp with can easily learn more.

Click HERE for a demonstration of the software.

Also an article from The Age 17/7/04

I am interested in using this program to collate and share information with my colleagues.

Amplify Interface
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Seriously - once I downloaded the program and had a quick peruse of the "how
to" documents - I was away!

Basic IT skills underpin use of this technology but the simple collation of
online resources I submitted as a test took - at the most - 1/2 hour.

I wanted to incorporate all the features available (text, audio, video) but had
to run to a meeting and ran out of time locating an appropriate video component.

I wish I knew about this software years ago!
My favourite bookmarks are overloaded with links to special interest sites
which I have to wade throught to find the specific information I want to

With Amps I can collate information into the 1 x location - name and file
accordingly and simply access at the touch of a button.

If I choose to share the online resources I have collated and saved it is not a
requirement that the recipient has the Amp program installed on their PC.

In my industry - Indigenous health education - and as part of my FLL - looking
at the role of "Chief Information Officer" - I feel this application has the
potential to be utilised effectively to assemble specialised information to
share with colleagues to develop into participant learning materials.

Amp also addresses the important aspect of Copyright as the original hyperlink
is visable giving recognition to the source initial source.

I would love to assemble an Amp on culturally appropriate - relevant online
game sites!

If anyone has any great links - please send them to me at:

Regards and Happy Amp-ing - Tanya

My Test Amps

Collation of Skype Resources

I have had a quick play........Inserting various online sources including text, audio and graphics.

Please do not pay too much attention to the layout etc.

If you have Broadband - almost instantly you should hear the "Speaking Up" audio file.

Flexible Learning Leaders Collation of Resources


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