Sunday, July 04, 2004

Adult Learning Australia - University of Canberra Student Placement

ALA Student Placement

I have been in some thought provoking conversations with Karen Blake - University of Canberra.

Karen has a student placement sponsored by Adult Learning Australia at CARHDS to map the Adult Community Education (ACE)
provision in Central Australia.

ACE is a response to the lifelong learning needs of the community and looks as thought our region seriously lacks any provision of these services.

I particularly liked the idea/s of "Tool Buckets" when comparing the ANTA series of Toolboxes.

The collation information and resources in one "bucket" rather than a "box".

A Bucket can be tipped, poured, inverted (turned over), bits taken out and put back again - it has an open top and is accessible.

A Box is rigid and enclosed and difficult to get into or change its shape.

In relation to ICT being integrated into teaching practices - "is it the participant who is incompetent or is it the tool for learning that is inappropriate?"
Idealists will insist that obvious, simple, problems should be just fixed, rather than wasting time looking for the cause.

Why should there be a division between Indigenous and non-Indigenous learning?


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