Monday, June 07, 2004


Hi All!

I'm Tanya Wooley - the Office Manager for the Central Australian Remote Health Development Services (CARHDS) in Alice Springs.

We are an Aboriginal organisation that provides in-service education to Aboriginal Health Workers and management in remote Central Australian communities.

I have just been offered a late inclusion into the 2004 Flexible Learning Leaders program!

CONSULTATION! With Participant, Employer, RTO and Community
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My aim is to promote and initiate change, share knowledge and develop networks which provide flexibility and innovative approaches to learning with the emphasis on ICT and remote delivery to Indigenous participants.

I am particularly interested to increase my understanding of appropriate methods of education for remote Indigenous communities and to explore the role of the Chief Information Officer in order to facilitate effective Knowledge Management systems.

Some of the "flexible" CARHDS team members
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Tanya Wooley - FLL 2004
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